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Song Piano Studio is based in Lancaster, PA and offers quality lessons for all levels and ages. I welcome students on professional and competition track as well as beginners and adult amateurs.

I teach Classical and Contemporary Classical repertoire,  the latter often referred to as music written by Living Composers. In other words, everything from Johann Sebastien Bach to Beethoven, Debussy, Steve Reich, Kaja Saariaho, and beyond. If you are a complete beginner, I will teach you to read music and use your fingers efficiently. At the advanced level, we will hone technical and musical skills, discover mind-opening works, and prepare for competitions, auditions, college entrance exams.

IN-PERSON LESSONS take place in my music studio in Lancaster, PA.

ONLINE LESSONS are given on TONEROW.COM and I am happy to give a free consultation. Sign up as a student and request a "Meet and Greet" with me. 

Reach out and JOIN MY STUDIO in Lancaster, PA, or on ToneRow. We'll touch base, discuss your wishes, goals, and needs. The meet-and-greet session is always free.