music for avid ears

I'm often asked "What is new music?There's no simple answer, because how do you describe something that is constantly re-inventing itself? But if I were to offer something of a description, I would say that it is the continuum of a long and classical tradition of celebrating life through organized sound. It is the possibility of Jazz, Rock, Classical, Blues, Eastern Western styles, but with a singularly contemporary voice. And in our culturally diverse communities, this singular voice, if nothing else, speaks to the moment.

An eclectic eight-member electro-acoustic ensemble with classical, rock, and jazz DNA, NakedEye commissions and performs seminal works by cross-over and cutting-edge composers. Presenting music of the imagination utilizing acoustic, electric, toy, kitchen, and noise-making instruments, NakedEye’s body of repertoire reflects the group’s mission to innovate and explore musical expression outside of convention. From notated works to guided improvisations for flexible instrumentation, the group has established a new music presence in its home city from which it collaborates with composers and performers to import and export musical works in a rich, ongoing artistic exchange. NakedEye believes in the power of new music to surprise, uplift, and change. Commissioned works have received first prize at NYC’s UnCaged Toy Piano Composition Competition (2011) and grants from New Music USA (2014, 2017). NakedEye's mission is supported by Thomas A. and Georgina T. Russo Family Foundation, Pennsylvania Council of the Arts, and individual donors. Based in Lancaster, PA, NakedEye Ensemble is led by pianist Ju-Ping Song.