Photo Teena Hansen

Photo Teena Hansen




John Adams:  China Gates (1977)
Matthew Barnson:  Shattered Lines/Points of Horizon (2009)
Richard Belcastro:  Shouts and Murmurations (2014 commission)
Luciano Berio:  6 Encores (1965-90)
Luciano Berio:  Sequenza IV (1966)
Samuel Barber:  Excursions Op.20 (1942-48)
Samual Barber:  Piano Sonata Op.26 (1949)
Pierre Boulez:  Douze notations (1945)
Ferruccio Busoni:  Sonatina seconda (1912)
Ferruccio Busoni:  Toccata
John Cage:  4'33" (1952)
John Cage:  In a Landscape (1948)
Elliott Carter:  Caténaires (2006)
Elliott Carter: Night Fantasies
Andrea Cavallari:  Self-Portrait (1994)
Claude Debussy:  Images I (1905)
Claude Debussy:  Images II (1907)
Claude Debussy: Préludes Livres I (1910)
Claude Debussy: Préludes Livres II (1913)
Henri Dutilleux:  Sonate (1948)
Morton Feldman:  For Bunita Marcus (1985)
Morton Feldman: Nature Pieces (1951)
Morton Feldman:  Palais de mari (1986)
Morton Feldman:  Triadic Memories (1981)
Lukas Foss:  Solo
Rahilia Hasanova: Monad (1993)
Toshi Ichiyanagi:  Piano Media (1972)
Nikolai Kapustin:  Concert Etudes Op.40 (1984)
Frank Martin:  8 Préludes (1948)
Missy Mazzoli: Bolts of Loving Thunder (2014)
Amy Beth Kirsten: h.o.p.e. (2015)
Lowell Liebermann:  Gargoyles Op.29 (1989)
György Ligeti:  Etudes Livres I (1985)
György Ligeti:  Etudes Livres II (1988-94)
György Ligeti:  Musica ricercata (1951-53)
Theo Loevendie:  Strides (1979)
Tristan Murail:  Territoires de l'oubli (1977)
Arvo Pärt:  Für Alina (1976)
Maurice Ravel:  Gaspard de la nuit (1908)
Maurice Ravel:  Sonatine (1905)
Frederic Rzewski:  Piano Piece IV (1977)
Frederic Rzewski:  Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues (1979)
Salvatore Sciarrino:  Sonatas I (1976)
Salvatore Sciarrino:  Sonatas II (1983)
Salvatore Sciarrino:  Sonatas IV (1992)
Caroline Shaw: Gustave Le Gray (2012)
Karlheinz Stockhausen:  Klavierstücke IX (1961)
Lois Vierk:  Spin 2 (2 pianos) (1995)
Julia Wolfe:  Compassion (2001)
Julia Wolfe:  Earring (2000)
Randall Woolf:  Durchbrochene Stil* (2015)
Robert Zuidam:  Spank (1990)                                                                                                                                                                          


Luciano Berio:  Sequenza IV (1966)
John Cage:  Bacchanale (1938-40), for prepared piano
John Cage:  Primitive (1942), for prepared piano
John Cage:  Sonatas and Interludes (1946-48), for prepared piano
Henry Cowell:  Aeolian Harp (1923)
Henry Cowell:  The Banshee (1925)
Henry Cowell:  Lilt of the Reel (1925)
Henry Cowell:  The Tides of Manaunaum (1912)
Moritz Eggert:  One-Man Band (1994)
Moritz Eggert:  One-Man Band 2 (2009)
Peter Hatch:  In a Vernacular Way (1990)
Rolf Hind:  The Towers of Silence (2006), for prepared piano
Helmut Lachenmann:  Guero (1969)
Frederic Rzewski:  De Profundis (1991), for speaking pianist
George Crumb:  Eine kleine Mitternachtmusik (2001)
George Crumb:  Gnomic Variations (1981)                                                                                                                                        


Samuel Carl Adams:  Shade Studies (2014)
Pierre Charvet:  Neuf études aux deux mondes (2000)
Henry Cowell:  The Banshee (1925)
Henry Cowell:  Aeolian Harp (1925)
Henry Cowell:  Lilt of the Reel (1925)
Mario Davidovsky:  Synchronisms No.9 (2003)
Donnacha Dennehy:  Stainless Staining (2007)
Charles Dodge: Any Ressemblance Is Purely Coincidental (1980)
Ge Gan-Ru:  Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! (2006)
Pierre Jodlowski:  Série noire (2005)
Molly Joyce: Rave (2015)
Nicole Lizée: Hitchcock Études (2010) for soundtrack and video
Nicole Lizée: Lynch Études (2016)
Matt Marks: Dr. Gradus vs. Rev Powell (2012)
Missy Mazzoli:  Orizzonte (2004)
James Mobberley:  Caution to the winds (1987)
James Mobberley:  Into the Maelstrom (1991)   
Kate Moore: Bestiary (2016)
Kate Moore: Blood Moon October (2015)
Anna Thorvaldsdóttir: Trajectories (2013) for soundtrack and video
Lois Vierk: Spin 2 (1995/2018 arr. piano and recorded piano 2)                                                                                                                                                                                                      


Ludwig van Beethoven:  Piano concerto No. 1
Ludwig van Beethoven:  Piano concerto No. 3
Ludwig van Beethoven:  Piano concerto No. 4
Sofia Gubaidulina:  Introitus (1978)
Olivier Messiaen:  Oiseaux exotiques
Franz Liszt:  Malédiction
Wolfgang A. Mozart:  Piano concerto No.20 in D minor K466   
Sergei Prokofiev:  Piano concerto No. 3                                                                                                                                                                                                


Rusty Banks:  Babbling: Tower to Tower*, toy + cell phones (2010 commission)
John Cage:  Suite for toy piano (1948)
Andrea Cavallari:  Etudes en nombres 2,3 4,5,1* (2012 commission)
Stephen Dembski:  Trio – in memoriam Milton Babbitt (2012 commission)
Karlheiz Essl:  Kalimba (2005), toy + track
Jan Feddersen:  Ujoforyt* (2012 commission)
Ge Gan-ru:  Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! (2006)
Erik Griswold:  Old MacDonald's Yellow Submarine (2004)
David Lang:  Miracle Ear (1996)
Stephen Montague:  Mirabella (1995)
Julia Wolfe: East Broadway (1996), toy + track                                                                                                                                                                                                       


Louis Andriessen:  Workers' Union (1975)
Rusty Banks:  Surface Tensions* (2014 commission)
Rusty Banks: Spoke(n)* (2016 commission)
Rusty Banks: Time’s Illusion: Dum Spectas Fugio* (2018 commission)
Richard Belcastro: Nepetalactone * (2015 commission)
Richard Belcastro:  Smoke 'N Wid (2006)
Richard Belcastro: Inner Strife* (2016 commission)
Richard Belcastro:  Knock 'Em Back* (2016)
Richard Belcastro: Time’s Illusion: Clepsydra* (2018 commission)
Luciano Berio:  O King (1968)
Martin Bresnick:  BE JUST! (1996)
Martin Bresnick:  The Bucket Rider (1995)
Zack Browning: Decade of the Dragon (2015 commission)
John Cage: A Flower (1950)
Jason Charney:  Ausbund* (2017)
John Cage:  The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs (1942)
Stephen Dembski:  Naked I Came* (2014 commission)
Nick Didkovsdky:  Amalia's Secret (2002)
Michael Gandolfi:  Grooved Surfaces (1996)
Whitney George: Time’s Illusion: [These Hands] Hold Nothing* (2018 commission)
Florent Ghys:  An Open Cage (2012)
Florent Ghys:  Étude for 11 Faces **(2015 arr. for NakedEye)
Florent Ghys: Time’s Illusion: Il va pleuvoir en fin d’après-midi* (2018 commission)
Judd Greenstein:  A Moment of Clarity (2007)
Judd Greenstein:  Sing Along (2006)
Erik Griswold:  Gossamer Wings (2013)
Kim Helweg:  America Fantasy (2005)
Melissa Hui:  Trace (2009)
Scott Johnson:  Convertible Debts (1996)
Scott Johnson:  The Illusion of Guidance (2002)
Molly Joyce: On and Off * (Two-Headed Dragon Project) (2019)
Phil Kline:  Exquisite Corpses (1997)
David Lang:  How to Pray (2002)
David Lang:  Cheating, Lying, Stealing (1993)
Philippe Leroux:  SPP (2001)
John Mackey:  Breakdown Tango (2000)
Stefanie Lubkowski: Time’s Illusion: Time is an Ocean* (2018 commission)
Missy Mazzoli:  Magic with Everyday Objects (2007)
Aaron Jay Myers:  Strabismus* (2016)
Angélica Negrón: Fruity Roll on Sparkly Lip Gloss * (Two-Headed Dragon Project) (2019)
John Pamintuan:  Fosteriana!* (2010 commission)
Arvo Pärt:  Fratres (1989)
Monica Pearce:  Divertimento  (2014)
Monica Pearce: Time’s Illusion: Processing Times* (2018 commission)
Maurice Ravel:  Boléro (arr. Ju-Ping Song)
Rodney Rogers:  Lessons of the Sky (1990)
Jonathan Russell:  Disillusionment (2006)
Jonathan Russell:  Full Faith and Credit **(2015 arr. for NakedEye)
Jonathan Russell:  Lucid Dream** (2007 - arr. for NakedEye 2014)
Jonathan Russell:  Sextet** (2010 - arr. for NakedEye 2013)
Jonathan Russell:  Double Concerto (2007 - arr. for NakedEye 2013)
Jonathan Russell:  Sqwonkzoforus Rex (2010)
Frederic Rzewski: Coming Together** (1973 - arr. for NakedEye by Richard Beclastro 2012)
Kengo Tokusashi:  I due temi illusioni (2005)
Jude Traxler: Little Did We Know** (2014)
Lois Vierk:  Spin 2 (1995)
Ethan Wickman:  Atomic Variations (2006)
Julia Wolfe:  Lick (2001)
Randall Woolf: The Ancient Art of Weaving * (Two-Headed Dragon Project) (2019)
Randall Woolf:  Everything is Green (2003)
Randall Woolf:  Punching the Clock* (2014 commission)
Randall Woolf:  Modern Primitive (1991)
Randall Woolf:  Righteous Babe
Randall Woolf: Shakedown** (arr. for NakedEye 2016)  
Frank Zappa: Sinister Footwear, mvt 2** (arr. for NakedEye by Mike Bitts)                                                                                                                                                                                                      


Claudio Ambrosini:  De vulgari esloquentia (1984), fl, bcl, vl, vla, vc, pno
George Antheil:  Ballet mécanique (1924)
Bela Bartók:  Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion (1937)
Pierre Boulez:  Sur Incises (1998)
Paul Creston:  Sonata Op.19 (1939), alto sax and piano
Morton Feldman: Piece for 4 Pianos (1962)
Morton Feldman:  Two Pieces for Three Pianos (1966)
Morton Feldman:  Vertical Thoughts 1 (1963), 2 pianos
Jonathan Harvey:  The Riot (1993), fl, cl, pno
Charles Ives:  Violin Sonata No.2 (1910)
André Jolivet:  Sonate, flute and piano
György Kurtag:  Hommage à R. Sch. (1990), cl, vla, pno
Per Norgaard:  Unendlicher Empfang (1997), two pianos and 4 metronomes
Carl Orff:  Carmina Burana (1936), soloists, choir, two pianos, percussion
Erik Satie:  Parade (1917)
Erwin Schulhoff:  Hot Sonata (1930)
Salvatore Sciarrino:  Lo spazio inverso (1985), fl, cl, vl, vc, celesta
Igor Stravinsky:  Les Noces (1923)
Igor Stravinsky:  The Rite of Spring (1913), piano 4 hands
Edgar Varèse:  Ionisation (1931)
Rolv Yttrehus:  Sonata for Percussion and Piano (1993)